Summer Recap

September 20, 2016

“We’ve been doing 3.5 hour shows with more frequency than some bands have practices”
– Joel, after our 3rd show in a month where we played 3 sets.

It was indeed a crazy summer for The Maneuver. Here are some highlights:

  • We played at Guilt and Co, the venue in Vancouver we’ve most wanted to play.
  • We had a super rocking night a Bowen Island, the first time playing there with the members.
  • We played our first ever wedding, and had our funnest show ever!
  • We played an outdoor daytime street party, it was a charity event and it was great to give back!

You might think after all that, we would take it easy for a while, but that’s not The Maneuver style. We’re going into the studio next week to record some songs. It’s our first ever recording session and we are doing right. We’ll be invading The Warehouse studio and won’t leaving until we’ve locked down our jams! Or until we’ve used up our hours, whichever comes first.