Studio Records

June 9, 2016

We had a really fun time at Studio Records and footage looked really good so we thought we would share the whole thing online for anyone who missed it.

Big Summer Coming Up!

April 12, 2016

Howdy folks! It’s shaping up to be a really big summer for The Maneuver. We’ve got a show booked every month through to August.

Starting with May, we’ve got the Funky Beach Party 3. We are so stoked for this one! We’re join Disco Funeral and Warless at The Hindenburg on May 27th. It’s going to wild party! Don’t miss this one.

In June, we’re heading over the water to funky at the Bowen Island Pub. Book your campground or B&B for June 10th, because it’s going to be a crazy night on Bowen Island.

In July, we’re playing at Guilt and Co! We’ve wanted to play there since we started the band! It’s being broadcast live on Co-op Radio, so come on down and hoot and holler for the radio audience!

In August, we’re playing a wedding. We would love to invite all you lovely party people, but unfortunately it’s a private party. If you find out who the lovely couple is and make friends with them, it’s not too late to get an invite.

Christmas Sing-a-long Photos

December 20, 2015

Much sooner than expected, we managed to post some photos of our Funky Christmas Sing-a-long.

Halloween Photos

December 8, 2015

Just in time for Christmas! Here’s some photos from our Halloween show with Disco Funeral and Caracas.

Hopefully, we’ll have photos of our Christmas show up around Valentine’s Day.

Funky Christmas Sing-A-Long Party!

December 2, 2015

We’re really excited about our upcoming Funky Christmas Sing-A-Long Party. We’ve learned 8 Christmas songs for the occasion and between the 3 bands there will be 20 Christmas songs that you can sing-a-long to. Joining us will be:

Space Chimp, a super fun mix of Reggae, Ska and good times.

Sarah Jickling and her Good Bad Luck, whimsical indie-pop with a hint of debilitating anxiety


We’re back! Here’s the proof.

August 24, 2015

We had a great time at Simply Delicious! We will definitely play there again. Despite Mr. King getting his second foot injury at a gig, we rocked hard and had tons of people up dancing. We even managed to get a friend to take some photos.

Photos by Reyhana Heatherington and Aurora Tejeida

Better Know a Maneuver: Chelsey

August 12, 2015


Chelsey isn’t new, but we thought you might want to know more about her. She sings for The Maneuver. Her first show with us was on her birthday and we left for the show without her. She had to walk to the venue. She is also a level 2 snowboard instructor and improved Mr. King’s snowboarding by 176% in one lesson. She also has a car and enjoys painting. If you want a snowboarding lesson this winter, she has very affordable freelance rates. Ask her about it at our next show.

Better Know a Maneuver: Joel

August 11, 2015


Joel is the new guitar player for The Maneuver! When he’s not melting faces, he also makes video games. He’s a self-proclaimed video game nerd, so ask him about his Golden Axe high score. Before being in the The Maneuver, Joel worked on the largest potato farm in Pemberton. His first show with us is this Saturday at SD Galleria.

Better Know a Maneuver: Matt

August 10, 2015

This is Matt! He’s the new drummer for The Maneuver. Like most Vancouverites, he’s from Calgary. He now hosts a radio show on CITR and has a car. That’s about all we know about Matt. Come out to our next show and ask him some more questions!

We’re back baby!

July 29, 2015

Well it’s been another crazy year the Maneuver. You may have noticed that we haven’t played a show in while. Unfortunately some of our members decided they couldn’t handle the funk and switched to skiffle music. It took quite a while, but we’ve finally solidified the lineup and will be playing two shows in the next month and a half.

First off: Aug 15th at Seven Night Club in Vancouver. We’ll be playing with TooNice a reggae band from Toronto. Should be a super fun night of dancing and getting groovy! Facebook Event

After that: Sept 11th at Richmond Night Market. We’ve finally upgraded to playing at the right night market! If you saw us play at the other one, come see me for a free spiral potato!

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