Halloween Photos

Just in time for Christmas! Here’s some photos from our Halloween show with Disco Funeral and Caracas.

Hopefully, we’ll have photos of our Christmas show up around Valentine’s Day.

We’re back! Here’s the proof.

We had a great time at Simply Delicious! We will definitely play there again. Despite Mr. King getting his second foot injury at a gig, we rocked hard and had tons of people up dancing. We even managed to get a friend to take some photos.

Photos by Reyhana Heatherington and Aurora Tejeida

Anza Club Screenshots

It seems like only yesterday we got funky all over the Anza Club with The Valuables and The Mean Threes, but turns out it was a while ago. In fact, the videos are almost done! Here are some screenshots of some of the videos we will be posting soon. They look pretty great.

St. Patty’s at Howe Sound

Halloween Photos

Our good friend Kirby took some photos of us at our Halloween show and we uploaded them into this monster gallery.